Hitman Sniper 2 World of Assassins MOD APK v0.1.6 [Unlimited Ammo]



“The MOD APK version of Hitman sniper 2 World Of Assassins” is a novel combat theme game with highly personalized Sniping gameplay. It not only brings players a wonderful assassination challenge but it has the most exciting gameplay against super-smart AI. Downloading Hitman Sniper 2 MOD APK world of assassins will give you unlimited Ammo.

game introduction
Its a third-person fun shooting game. Players play the role of Agent 47 an Assassin in the Hitman sniper assassin. In the game, we need to complete our assassination missions and successfully solve cases.

Game highlights:

You will continue to play as a professional bald killer, accept one after another assassination missions, and kill the target silently with a sniper rifle. The game adopts point-touch operation, by swiping the screen to move the angle of view and click to realize the operation of switching the sight and pulling the trigger. In shooting, this game abandons the common wind direction, gravity sensing, and other complex elements, and uses the “breath-hold aim” method to kill with one blow.

Game advantage:

You have to play the role of a killer in the game. Players can use the surrounding environment to hide and then observe carefully. You can kill when you see the aiming target, but pay attention to the nearby passers-by to avoid hurting the innocent. The game will focus on the “creative assassination” feature. Although players only have a sniper rifle to use, they can use the surrounding environment to hide. There are multiple methods to assassinate the enemy. You can also create accidents to kill the target.

A large number of powerful sniper guns are waiting for you to unlock, each gun has its own unique attributes.


Atacama location now unlocked!
Enjoy 39 new contracts for Mount Storm and the Atacama
Bug fixes and improvements


Unlimited Ammo

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